Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is just a test

Well I figured I better give this a try. Everyone in my family has one of these so why not. I always follow the crowd!!!!
I will start with a cute little story about my 10 year old daughter Alina. She lost one of her teeth the other day and for some reason the loser tooth fairy had not visited. I came up with the excuse that she couldn't walk in her room because it was too messy and that the tooth Fairy didn't want to wake her up by reaching under her pillow. (what a horrible Tooth Fairy) So this is what she came up with.


Bess said...

Brilliant!!! I hope she got her money.

Micah said...

Alina is great. Glad to see you are trying out blogging.

Jenny May said...

That is toooo funny..
Quite brilliant actually..
Harvey Genes all the way :)